Across the world, governmental organizations are making the difficult transition from the paper era to the digital era, Often this involves the scanning and imaging of decades' worth of paper files, boxed up in warehouses across the country.

Petra Express is experienced in developing the logistics solution for picking up delivering and tracking files for back-scanning projects, Our Production Scanning Bureau is fully equipped with high-volume production scanners, and we have the facility space and workforce to handle all sizes of scanning projects, including those involving large-format documents.

Government organizations also will benefit from Petra Express business process re-engineering services. Citizens are demanding improved services with less paperwork and more online and mobile options. A business process analysis is the first step for identifying bottlenecks and pain points in workflows and re-designing processes to deliver outstanding customer service.

Our Services

  • Document Processing including but not limited to; birth/death/marriage, passport, social security, license,.etc
  • Scanning, Imaging Services
  • Data Capture Services
  • Collection, Routing and Distribution Services