Distribution and Collection Management

As a licensed courier service provider, authorized to transport all sorts of packages and printed material. In delivering this service Petra Express deploys a large fleet of cars and variety of transport that suites the customer needs and nature of the transported material 

Petra Express collection and re-distribution services include but not limited to:

  • Delivery of invoices to customers’ geographical locations
  • Delivery of all pre-printed material like forms and brochures to point of sale
  • Delivery of gifts and packages to VIP and target customers
  • Collection of contracts & other documents from distributed locations (like POS) and centralizing them in a central location

In the delivery & collection Petra Express offers real time tracking for the packages and documents using barcodes and GPS system, in addition to providing a proof of delivery for all delivered goods. Petra Express utilizes the technologies of GPS as well to draw the most optimal routes of distribution and collection to ensure smooth and fast delivery.