Solutions & Services

Our BPO Supply Chain Management solutions deliver an operating model to streamline, integrate and transform your key supply chain processes including Planning, Order management, Inventory management, Logistics management.
We offer the top of line and most comprehensive DRM Services which is designed to cover the full cycle of records/documents handling to relieve large enterprises from the entire document handling work load.
Our service provides reliable management of your company’s accounts receivables. Streamlining your collection process, consolidate paper and electronic payments, and reduce payment collection cycle.
Providing customer service means much more than just operating a “call” center. Businesses use “contact centers” to provide a multi-channel communication and Tier 1, 2, 3 support services & help by voice, email, online platforms.
We help enterprise companies improve their asset performance, increase service life, and cut costs by providing complete services to address the most specialized and important asset management challenges.
As a licensed courier service provider, authorized to transport all sorts of packages and printed material. In delivering this service we deploy a large fleet of cars and variety of transport that suites the customer needs.
Our BPO Procurement services provides and efficient, outsourced back office that is focused on value optimization and sustainability at each step of the supply chain, from Buy & Make to Store, Move & Sell.
Petra Express provides Manpower outsourcing or Insourcing solutions to companies that need a way to relieve themselves from the burden of ongoing effort of supporting their employee lifecycle.