While the utility industry as a whole lags behind other industries in terms of outsourcing adoption, in recent years many utility companies have leveraged outsourcing aggressively. A key reason behind this shift is the increasingly challenging business environment for utilities due to factors such as deregulation, rising commodity prices, aging workforce, rising customer expectations, and the advent of disruptive technologies such as smart metering. Outsourcing Meter to Cash "M2C" scope (both for IT and BPO services) is a prime business optimization lever for many utilities.

Petra Express Utilities has the expertise and capabilities to provide Utilities with an end to end Meter to Cash "M2C" Service, or piecemeal services addressing specific requested service.

Our Services

  • Customer Services Management
  • Customer Acquisition and Administration
  • Billing & Collection
  • Service Order Management
  • Customer Financial Management
  • Field Services
  • Meter Services