Document and Record Management

Petra Express offers the top of line and most comprehensive Document and Record Management Services which is designed to cover the full cycle of records/documents handling to relieve large enterprises from the entire document handling work load.

  1. Digital Mailroom Services
  2. Data Capture Services
  3. Scanning & Image Services
  4. Data Capture Services
  5. Storage & Retrieval Services
  6. Document Processing Services
  7. Document Management Services

 1. Digital Mailroom Service

Using high-volume production scanners and a combination of manual data entry and automated form classification and data capture systems, we transform hundreds of thousands of paper documents every day into useful digital information delivered quickly and efficiently to the right people at the right time.

Our digital mailroom solutions incorporate time and cost-saving with an, efficient and quality improvements standards for inbound and outbound mail/document workflows, and all associated business processes. Automated form classification and intelligent data capture solutions offer time and cost saving benefits for all industries.

2. Data Capture Services

Manual keying services is typically required for the capture of metadata from unstructured and semi-structured forms. Petra Express intensive Quality Assurance program for data capture/data entry/indexing projects guarantees 99 percent accuracy for single entry work.

In many cases, Petra Express can improve data capture speed while lowering labor costs by implementing automated data entry solutions.

  • Manual Data Entry
  • Automated Data Capture

3. Scanning & Images Services

Our production center is equipped with high-speed, high-volume platform scanners, and our facilities support long-term scanning projects involving millions of documents.

We also provide services and solutions for special document projects, such as scanning and imaging of high volumes of microfilm, books, rare or fragile documents or large-format documents.  

Browse our resources below for useful downloads related to high volume back file conversion projects.

4. Storage and Retrieval Services

Hard-Copy Documents

As part of an enterprise content management (ECM) solution, PETRA EXPRESS provides secure storage facilities for hard-copy documents to meet your company’s business and compliance requirements. PETRA EXPRESS can implement tracking systems for file boxes and documents using barcode recognition.

When the document storage period has expired as per your business requirements, papers are shredded in secure facilities, and the resulting waste can be disposed of at recycling plants.

Imaged Documents – Online Retrieval

PETRA EXPRESS can also implement storage and retrieval solutions for scanned and imaged documents and any other electronic documents. Document metadata is indexed for search purposes and can be retrieved from a secure online archive using any web-enabled device. The web interface for retrieval of documents and data features several layers of security to ensure confidentiality of sensitive information

5. Document Processing Services

Lean Six Sigma-optimized workflows, the latest document processing technologies and access to our global labor force can help your company save significant time and money while you focus on your core business.

PETRA EXPRESS has provided all types of document processing services for enterprises and government agencies since 2007. In 2008, we handled and processed more than 250 million documents for our clients. We offer services for processing any type of document, from the simplest to the most complex, including:

  • Structured Form Document Processing
  • Semi-Structured Document Processing
  • Contracts Processing

Document & Form Types of Document Processing Services

We are capable of processing any type of document, including:

  •  Healthcare Claim Forms
  •  Bills of Lading and other Freight, Transportation and Logistics Forms
  •  Permit Applications
  •  Change of Address Forms
  •  Credit Card Applications
  •  Remittances
  •  Employee Travel and Expense Reports
  •  Rebates

 6. Document Management Services

A component of an Enterprise Content Management environment, a document management system is the equipment and software that manages and tracks electronic documents and digital images of paper documents throughout an enterprise. PETRA EXPRESS can implement document management systems for organizations of all sizes, from department-scale to enterprise-wide. After intake of documents and other information via a digital mailroom solution, the document management system provides  a means for employees to search for and check out and check in documents, all while tracking their location across the company's network.

Document management systems also deliver the benefits of version control and creation of an audit trail so there is visibility to editing and changes on a document.

Document management systems offer a means to secure documents through permissions and password protection. Documents can be locked down so they cannot be altered or deleted, which allows organizations to meet compliance and audit standards.

7. DMS Implementation Consulting & Project Management

Over the years, Petra Express professionals has obtained comprehensive experience and  understanding of document management and all the challenges and issues that surround DMS  implantation, not only from IT perspective but also from logistical and organizational aspects. This experience is non-existent in most of IT companies who are implementing DMS solutions as it systems. This has enabled Petra Express to gain the advantage of being the advisor of IT firms in the implementation DMS solutions, especially for large enterprises having millions of documents and a large number of branches.

8. DMS Hosting Services

To achieve the objective of full solution provider, Petra Express offers its customers DMS hosting services, in which the scanned and indexed documents will be migrated to a DMS (document management system) platform residing in Petra Express. Petra Express DMS capacity is unlimited and can maintain millions and millions of documents and records on line for retrieval. This setup will save the customer from all the hassle of IT investment and operations associated with building and maintaining an in-house DMS platform. Users at the customer side can easily access the documents via the internet and perform search and view and exchange the documents they need in their daily operations.