Asset Management

We help enterprise companies improve their asset performance, increase service life, and cut costs by providing complete services to address the most specialized and important asset management challenges.

Our capital asset inventory and related services include the following:

  • Physical Inventories – Comprehensive, on-site inventory services to establish accurate capital asset records, determine the "useful life" of assets, and create depreciation schedules for infrastructure, buildings, improvements, land, and equipment.
  • Barcode Tracking Systems – Affixing bar code tags and implementing the use of barcode scanning technology to facilitate improved inventory control.
  • Valuations – Calculating supportable original cost, replacement cost, and actual cash value for infrastructure, buildings, improvements, land, and equipment.
  • Asset Reporting – Capital asset management programs from Petra Express enable our clients to generate meaningful reports that address a wide variety of site-specific requirements.
  • Infrastructure Inventory and Valuation Services – We understands the difficult task of gathering data and valuing infrastructure assets.  Petra Express have the experienced personnel and resources available to conduct and complete inventory and valuation of all owned infrastructure asset and provide the reports required for compliance regulations
  • Perpetuation – Physical re-inventories and annual update services to ensure that capital asset records and insured values are current.
  • On-Site Re-Inventory and Asset Reconciliation – We have the experience and technology to complete periodic re-inventory and asset reconciliation services to update all capital asset records. This service accounts for all asset additions, disposals, and transfers.
  • Property Control Consulting – Reviewing and enhancing internal policies and procedures related to ongoing capital asset management functions.