Welcome to Petra Express

In today's fast changing business environment and the need to maintain focus on core business, large enterprises are finding it harder to keep track and control over its non-core activities. Despite the critical need to these activities to the continuation of the business, these activities are seldom done is manner that is satisfactory to management.

Petra Express's value proposition is based on unique blend of integrated licensed courier & scanning bureau services in addition to hosting & call center services which enables Petra Express to manage the entire load of documents management in large corporations for the entire cycle of documents management from document creation to physical handling to electronic and physical storage to viewing and retrieval.

Petra Express is a well established logistical support service provider to serve the enterprise community in Jordan and the Middle East. With a large portfolio of integrating services, Petra Express offers a unique blend of integrating logistical services that provides enterprises with a comprehensive solution for all their files & documents in single package.

In addition to delivering its own services, Petra Express works as a consulting partner whose main purpose is to help the client to select the best solutions available in the market to support the firm's needs to internally manage part of their documents in daily operations. Being a neutral service provider, will allow Petra Express to utilize all it accumulated knowledge to help the customer choose the solutions that best fits his needs.

With the right integration of these services Petra Express, as a service provider, is placed in a class of its own, offering a one of kind solution in the Middle East for all the firms' document handling needs internally or externally.